Our First Eco Council Meeting

Today our lovely and passionate Eco council gave up some of their lunch to meet for the first time. We talked about our first topic of the year which is waste.







They decided that our most pressing issue was paper waste more than any other. One of our year three members had the idea of getting recycling bins for every classroom in the school. Everyone decided this was a great idea and they would teach the classes how to use them! The next step was to track Mrs Donaldson down and ask her!
The children located her in computer club and she said if they decided exactly how many they wanted and told her how much it would cost she would make a decision.

So off they went to investigate!






They decided on some lovely clear and purple ones and gave their price and number to Mrs Donaldson.


She said yes! So the children went and ordered their new bins. They should be very proud of themselves for using their collaboration, communication and self drive to help them become more responsible citizens and try and improve our school.


  • Miss Dean says:

    What great responsible citizens we have on our Eco Team. I completely agree with you all we do waste a lot of paper in school, so the recycling bins are a great idea! Can you think of any other things we waste in school?

    Great work
    Miss Dean

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