Switch Off Fortnight

The eco-council have set up and begun running ‘Switch Off Fortnight’. We’re looking forward to seeing them make big changes around school!    

Silver Award

Well done to our eco-council – they have worked very hard and earned St Silas the Silver Award for Eco Schools!  

New Eco-Captains

Well done to these children, they were elected the new captains of the Eco-Council. They will lead the eco-council all year!  

Eco-Council Learning Lunch

Today the newly elected eco-council had their first learning lunch of the year. They discussed why we have an eco-council, as well as evaluating where the school is and what our next steps are!          

Never Waste Anything!

Every Friday these eco-councillors go around school and collect in all the fruit and milk that has not been used. They then bag it up and give it to members of the community, ensuring that nothing in our school is wasted. Great job!

Recycling Poster

Manaal recreated this logo brilliantly using the Seesaw app!

Environmental Poetry

Today Year 5 used the Seesaw app to write some poems about why it’s important to recycle! Taylise: Fatumata and Haneen Cristiano Ephraim

Bronze School Status

The eco-council have been working non-stop to make St Silas a more eco friendly school and their hard work has paid off; this week the school was awarded the Bronze School Status!  

Healthy Schools Council

After two weeks of shortlisting and interviews from the eco-council, here are the first ever St Silas Healthy School Council. Well done!  

Interviewing for a Healthy Schools Council

Today the eco-council held the first round of interviews for the healthy eating council. Look at how much effort some of the children put in!